Editor’s Note

The question of identity is hardly a new topic. We, as curious human beings with curious human minds, have wondered about our presence and purpose for thousands of years. Many answers have been posed – answers that have been accepted by some and rejected by others – but for many it still remains a persistent point of inquiry whose answer (if there is one) both fascinates and eludes like a will-o’-the-wisp.

This first edition of Questions, therefore, pays homage to the oldest of inquiries by giving a new generation of voices a chance to add their own ideas to what it means to identify as human.

I encourage you, as you immerse yourself in these writers’ worlds, to open your curious human mind and curious human heart to the question of identity. And, if you find that your immediate response to the question of identity is your name, I invite the possibility of diving under that label to revel in what makes you unique and delight in what brings us all together.

Who knows? You may well find yourself inspired to write about it.

I would personally like to thank all those that have contributed to the first edition of Questions. The quality of writing for our first edition has been superb and it's encouraging to see so much talent out there. Thanks also to Benji at www.blackkrsna.com.au for the use of his photograph.

Samuel Zifchak