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The aesthetics of ash
Madeline Bailey

“For a job, Mr Anubis burnt art.
This is how he felt about it:
Days detached from wire hangers and wall hooks, they slid off with his suit and bowler hat …”

Four stages of Anneliese Saison
Bill Chan

Anneliese Saison was in stage four now. A relentless and inescapable mess of unresolved history, a downpour of emotional energy crippling the final walls that held his sanity together …”

1937 – Kolyma, that pole of cold and cruelty
Lisa Green

“The northerly gale shrieks past the high barbed-wire fences of Kolyma and collects dirt and snow, scattering loose earth into the sunken eyes of the slaving men …”

Rain never falls
Kieren Kresevic

“The front wheel gyrated rapidly, rusty bolts clanging within their loose sockets in carefree abandon. With no brakes and a virtuosic lack of steering coming from the half-finished handle bars, Romero veered haphazardly towards the school …”

Hannah Mansfield

“George’s stiff posture exuded severity, causing his hand, which was gently holding the girl’s, to look jarringly out of place. For any innocent bystander happening to look over the pair, it was apparent that this was not where he was meant to be …”

Rosie McCrossin

“‘It’s the last day of our summer,’ she whispers, her feet gripping the branch. He squeezes his fingers into the bark of the bottlebrush until he can feel the blood draw out of them …”

Welcome aboard
Harrison Minnikin

“Something is beeping.
Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome aboard and thank you for flying with us.
Aeroplanes should not beep.
In just a moment, we will be presenting to you a very short safety demonstration …”

Anton Petrov

“The demons lurked just beyond the shadows; rapt by an impenetrable ocean. You couldn’t see them in the dark, but they were there. You couldn’t hear their silent screams of torment past …”